Faculty Researchers

Saiph Savage directs the HCI Lab at WVU where she conducts data analysis to understand how collective action is organized. She then uses these findings to design crowdsourcing systems that can power citizen crowds to produce collective action to transform their societies.

Jeffrey P. Bigham an Associate Professor and PhD Director in the Human-Computer Interaction and Language Technologies Institutes in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. He is currently spending time at Apple, where he is starting a new Machine Learning + Accessibility Research group. 

Julia Ticona is an assistant professor at the Annenberg School for Communication, where her research investigates the ways that digital communication technologies shape the meaning and dignity of precarious work.  


Graduate Researchers

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Claudia Flores-Saviaga

Claudia Flores-Saviaga is Ph.D. Student  in the HCI Lab in the Computer Science Department at West Virginia University. Her current work research involves the areas of HCI, Machine Learning, Crowdsourcing, and Social Computing. She interested in understanding how “bad actors” organize misinformation and propaganda messages, and how other citizens organize to debunk those rumors and influence campaigns.

Carlos Toxtli

Carlos Toxtli is currently a Computer Science Ph.D. student where he is researching intelligent tools and bots to improve the future of crowd work. In the past, he has worked at Microsoft Research, Google, and the United Nations where he developed innovative tools to empower people through technology.